"Loose Leaf & Fancy Free"

Greetings & salutations....on behalf of all you parched punters we herald a new era

in tea & social shenanigans. The traditional high brow loose leaf tea image has

been replaced with our new brand of quirky tea - Parched Tea.

Established in 2006, the original Tea Bar was one of the first specialist tea shops in Manchester, featuring a wide variety of treasures from all over the globe. Of late we are developing our online business and we supply local restaurants/cafes/Delis and trade at markets with our packets of loose leaf tea. Tea has 'bags' of followers and people love a good brew, but many stick to the standard teabag in a mug without trying proper loose leaf tea.

Our teas are simply packaged; combining great art and great tea - the perfect gift. Hand drawn illustrations with a friendly typographic mix bring character to the brand (courtesy of Milkkitten) 

Almost all of our teas are100% ETP Approved (Ethical Tea Partnership) an organization within the tea industry that seeks to better the lives of workers and their families in tea producing countries. We try to use environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials, recycle and try to reduce the carbon footprint at all times where possible. 

We have a mission to become the leading purveyor of Ethical & Speciality Loose Leaf tea in the UK; whilst embracing sustainability and environmental factors. Within this model breaking stereo-types and social boundaries with a creative brand embracing great art and great tea.

The challenge is to keep developing our young and impressionable character; growing and changing, whilst offering the cafe adoring public a taste of quality. 


Food Futures:Truly Good food Gold accreditation

Nominated & shortlisted for the Manchester food and drink festival 

Marcy Hazell