the tea:

Ceylon black tea blended with vanilla & the rind of bergamot (a distinctive, fragrant, orange-like citrus fruit). Sweet, honey notes infused with the gentle citrus of the bergamot oils. A bold tipple toned down with a delectable creamy taste.

the ingredients:

Premium Ceylon black tea, Orange Pekoe grade (a high grade leaf) Bergamot, Corn flower petals, Natural flavors. Dairy free. 

the origin:

Sri Lanka (Nuwera Eliya, Dimbula & Uva)






'ANNES INSPIRATION' Earl Grey & Vanilla

SKU: BR002
  • Annes inspiring books were concerned with morality and ethical principals. This is named after one of her books…the vanilla in the Earl Grey reflects her

    sweet character.


    ’and now you shall have some tea!'

    Agnes Grey

  • The faces on these teas are of the Actors from ‘Dangerous To Know’ which is a Manchester based theatre company that specialises in bringing modern

    history to the stage with a contemporary socio-political twist.


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