Calming Rosebuds with Linden Flower, Lemon Balm, Camomile & Lavender


the tea:

A sleepy tea containing a mild sedative from Linden flowers. It has a sweet, floral, slightly lemony and delicate taste with a touch of Turkish delight!

the ingredients:

Linden Flowers, camomile flowers, lemon balm, lavender, rosebuds & petals.

the origin: 

Italy, Germany, Egypt, Bulgaris, France








'CHARLOTTES EBB' Calming Rosebuds & Herbs

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  • Charlotte had unrequited love with a married man. She may have drank this tea to relax & help her heartbroken self sleep


    ’and now you shall have some tea!'

    Agnes Grey

  • The faces on these teas are of the Actors from ‘Dangerous To Know’ which is a Manchester based theatre company that specialises in bringing modern

    history to the stage with a contemporary socio-political twist.


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