A socially refreshing Ceylon tea with a touch of class.


the tea:

Inspired by Victorian Manchester and Elizabeth herself; this tea combines delicate, mellow notes witha caramel, zesty smoothness. The aroma is intense & fresh, the leaf beautifully twisted & wiry.

the origin:

Sri Lanka, Mt Uva Tea Garden

the ingredients:

High Grown, OP1 Ceylon Black Tea

the brewing:

To make a proper brew bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil (about 98’c) Put 1-1.5 tsp of tea for each cup into a teapot,add the water,cover and steep for 3-5 minutes. This pack should make around 13-20 brews. 

the health:

If taken black,there is some evidence to suggest that tea can help to lower blood pressure,the risk of heart attacks & kidney stones. It’s known to be high in anti-oxidants (est.around 7.50-9.99% polyphenols by dry weight).


'Elizabeth Gaskell's House' Ceylon

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  • “Mr.Thornton is coming to drink tea with us tonight”

    North and South 

    by Elizabeth Gaskell


    Drinking tea is a common feature throughout all Elizabeth Gaskell’s novels, unifying the social classes in a symbol of home and family. There has always been much debate on the correct etiquette for drinking tea and whether you

    go with milk first or after. We at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House believe that drinking from a china cup and saucer is the only way todo it ‘properly’.


    “In a few minutes tea was brought.Very delicate was the china, very old

    the plate,very thin the bread and butter,and very small the lumps of sugar. Sugar was evidently Mrs.Jamieson's favourite economy.”


    by Elizabeth Gaskell