the tea: 

is often called ' red tea ' in China & is primarily manufactured for export. Keemun is one of the congou-type teas; meaning it requires a great deal of gongfu, (disciplined skill) to make into fine taut strips without breaking the leaves. Interestingly the characters in the written Chinese script for time and labor are the same as those used for ‘gongfu’. It is often said that a properly produced Keemun such as Panda #1 is on of the finest teas in the world with a complex aromatic and penetrating character often compared to burgundy wines. Traditionally keemuns were used in English Breakfast tea.

the taste: 

is bright with light hints of oak, a winey and fruity tea with depth and complexity. Takes milk very well.

the origin: 


the Ingredients:

Black tea

Keemun Panda

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