the tea:

is a famous Chinese smoked tea. This is a Pure Fujian Lapsang Souchong. Legend claims that the smoking process was discovered by accident. During the Qing dynasty, an army unit passing through Xingcun (Star Village) camped in a tea factory filled with fresh leaves awaiting processing. When the soldiers left and the workers could get back into the premises, they realized that to arrive at market in time, it was too late to dry the leaves in the usual way. So they lit open fires of pinewood to hasten the drying. Not only did the tea reach the market in time, but also the smoked pine flavor created a sensation!

the taste:

is a superior leaf Lapsang Souchong offering a crisp character with the remarkable and heady aroma of an oak fire. Certainly a unique tea. Tending bright with reddish hues.

the origin:


the ingredients:

Black tea

Lapsang Souchong Butterfly No.1