the tea: for you, and as there’s only one you we have sourced this estate black tea from one of the highest altitude tea growing regions in the world - the Himalayas. A high quality 2nd flush tea  - none the less. Queen Victoria stated Darjeeling was a truly 'okay' tea!


the taste:

It has a perfect muscatel character, offset by a delightfully sweet grape-like aftertaste on the palate. Very light & refreshing. Distinctive muscatel character is offset by light toast notes. Delicate with a slight floral scent. The Darjeeling is to premium tea what champagne is to fine wines with a milder taste than most black teas.


the origin: 

India, Teesta Valley


the ingredients:

Premium Single Estate Black Tea. 


the health: 

Black tea contains phytoestrogens. 

If drank black, tea is known to help lower blood pressure, the risk of heart attacks & kidney stones. It’s high in anti-oxidants (est. around 7.50-9.99% polyphenols by dry weight). 

The longer tea is brewed, the more antioxidants are extracted...and the more tea that is used, the greater the antioxidant benefit. 

Drinking black tea also seems to be associated with a lower risk of hip fracture in men and women who are older than 50.


'Royal-Tea' Darjeeling 2nd Flush

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